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What Kind of Watch is Suitable for the Elderly to Wear?

10 Aug 2021

The watch is one of the indispensable tools in life now. While young people are paying attention to major brands of watches, the elderly are also paying attention. But for the elderly, the meaning of watches is even more different. Their love for watches also expresses their cherishment of time. Today I will discuss how to buy watches for the elderly.

Choose a Watch with Simple Function

Generally speaking, watches have two functions: decoration and timing. There are many brands, types and styles of watches. Therefore, in combination with the characteristics of the elderly, there are some particulars when choosing. For example, the quartz watch has high accuracy, and you can take less time to take care of it, including no need to wind and few needle adjustments. This is very convenient for the elderly, and is also loved by the elderly. However, among many watches, not all watches are suitable for elderly people, such as electronic watches.

watches for older people

Automatic watch is a kind of watch that young people like, but it is not suitable for old people. It’s best not to wear automatic watches for the elderly. This is because the elderly usually have a small amount of activity. If they wear automatic watches, they will often stop the watch, or the time will be inaccurate. More importantly, the elderly will not often give the watch. Chain, so automatic watches are not suitable for the elderly. Watches with complex functions are not suitable for the elderly either. Because there are more pointers on the dial, or there are more buttons on the case, these complicated functions and buttons are not available to the elderly. In addition, the elderly are slow in thinking and acting, and complicated watches are more troublesome in operation, especially Quartz digital display type, it is difficult for ordinary young people to understand or understand its use, and it is even more difficult for the elderly!

The Dial Should not Be Too Small

Smaller watch diameters or dials are not suitable for elderly people. The diameter of men’s watches should be more than 35 mm, and women’s watches should be more than 25 mm. In addition, the dial and hands should be inversely distinct, such as silver or gold dials. The hands are dark-colored needles or black dials. Use gold or silver pointers, so that the matching is obvious and easy for the elderly to observe. The eyesight of the elderly is worse than that of the average young, so the dial of the watch must be intuitive. Fashion brand watches are not suitable for the elderly, those fancy and trendy styles or watches worn by the youth, or some childish cartoon styles are not suitable for the elderly.

watch for old people

Choose A Strap That is Convenient to Wear


Watch straps that are easy to open and close are suitable for elderly people to wear. The belt watch is best to use a butterfly buckle, some elderly people have trouble with hands and feet, these configurations are more convenient for the elderly. Some watches are operated by one hand only when they are bolted and fastened. If you don’t do it well, you have to drop the watch to the ground accidentally. This is related to the structure (form) of the strap. The butterfly buckle can be used with the strap. The watches are connected together into a ring, which is more convenient to wear and is also suitable for elderly people. The watch should not be too thick or too heavy. It is best to be large and thin. Heavy ceramic or tungsten steel case straps are not suitable for the elderly to wear. The elderly will not pay attention to the watch brand, but will be nostalgic, so the traditional style will be more suitable for the elderly. Older people have a bad memory, so don't wear watches that are too expensive. Choose a watch with simple functions, as long as it is convenient to use and adjust. Sometimes, minutes, and seconds are enough. In fact, two hands are also OK. You don’t even need a calendar or a day calendar. Old people don’t look good. The calendar function is basically invisible, and a watch with a calendar function needs to correct the date at the end of the month. This is also a "difficult" task for the elderly.

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