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How to Clean Your Watch Strap?

18 Aug 2021

When customers buy a watch, they hesitate on which type of strap to choose. Many people like metal straps, but in the winter, metal straps are too cold, so most people choose leather straps at this time. Leather straps are soft and light, comfortable and warm to wear and not easy to hurt the skin and clothing, so they are also loved by everyone.

watch strap

Types of Leather Straps:

• Cowhide strap: cowhide varieties, can be divided into calfskin, yellow cowhide, buffalo hide, etc.. Among them, calfskin is the most superior class of cowhide, is the choice of calfskin tanned after birth within 6 months, fine texture, soft and smooth texture. Calfskin does not have any pattern, simple and dry, is more practical and cheaper class of leather strap. Choose a calfskin formal watch as a starter equipment, but also not lose the atmosphere.

• Alligator leather strap: Alligator leather strap is a common type of strap in luxury watches, and the unique pattern of alligator leather can enhance the whole watch. The texture of crocodile leather strap is clear and delicate, the glossiness of the leather is particularly good, and the overall unique dominance and flair of crocodile leather brings people a shocking noble temperament and a kingly style in their bones. Since the amount of crocodile skin is relatively small, the preciousness of crocodile skin belts can be imagined. The common crocodile leather on the market mainly comes from the Bay crocodile, Nile crocodile, Siamese crocodile, Caiman crocodile and alligator, and almost all of the top ten top watch brands have chosen American alligator as the crocodile strap material, because the American alligator leather is more delicate and does not have thick air holes, and the alligator leather pattern is compact and soft, which is relatively durable as the strap material.

The strap pattern can be made into bamboo knot pattern, round pattern, bamboo knot pattern mixed with round pattern and so on. Among them, the bamboo pattern is most commonly used in high-class precious metal watches, and it is characterized by a pattern that resembles bamboo knots, with a knotted pattern in the direction of the bend of the strap, which is soft and close to the wrist. Round-grained straps, on the other hand, are softer and more durable than bamboo-grained straps.

• Lambskin strap: Lambskin is known for its delicacy and good elasticity, very suitable for making a strap, soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. Careful observation, we will find that lambskin grain clear, strong sense of leather, and other leather contrast, lighter weight, softer texture. So it is also relatively rich in use, can change shape according to the design, commonly used in women's watches. Elegant in appearance, fine in grain and comfortable to wear, a special leather strap watch is definitely one of the must-haves for autumn and winter accessories. The key is that no matter what the leather, every leather strap has its own unique pattern, like your unique fashion label, which is irreplaceable. Lambskin appears much less frequently than cowhide and crocodile, so if you want to feel fresh, a delicate lambskin it!

• Horse rump leather strap: As the name suggests, horse rump leather refers to the leather on the horse's buttocks, which is the most wear-resistant and densest of the horse skins. However, each horse's buttocks, only two pieces of leather with a diameter of 0.5 meters round can be taken off, which is rarer. Nowadays, horse rump leather does not appear in the top ten top watch brands very often, and many watch fans will choose to replace their own straps to show their individuality, and the rugged horse rump leather strap has also captured the favor of some enthusiasts.

watch strap

• Lizard skin strap:The surface texture of lizard skin is granular, flexible, soft to the touch and fits the wrist very well. For the time being, lizard leather straps are relatively niche and are more often used on mid- to high-end ladies' watches.

• Ostrich leather strap: Ostrich leather has natural pores in the pattern of dots, so in the appearance of a high degree of recognition, artificially difficult to imitate. This animal skin is soft, breathable, and three to five times more tensile than cowhide. In the leather contains a natural oil, in its protection even in the cold weather, will not harden or crack like some leather, but will become more shiny with the growth of time. Generally ostrich skin processing process is more complicated, so the watchmaker generally will not use ostrich skin to make the strap in large quantities. However, its unique personality style attracts some high-end watches to use it to design their straps.

Cleaning Steps

1. When the leather strap has a bad smell, use a toothbrush with some soapy water, quickly brush the dirty place, and then wipe it with a slightly wet cloth.

2. with a concentration of 99% of the medicinal alcohol, sprayed on the leather strap, and then wipe again with honey wax, the smell of the leather strap can be removed immediately, and three times after the permanent elimination, and pay disinfection, anti-humidity, anti-mildew to mildew special strong effect, and will not harm the leather strap.

3. you can use a little vinegar added to warm water, used to soak the leather strap for 2 hours, and then cleaned with soap, the odor of the leather strap will be reduced.

4. the strap is disassembled to do cleaning, cleaning solution on the use of detergent, drop into the right amount, first soak the strap with warm water for 10 minutes, and then use the softest toothbrush to brush the seams of the strap.

5. professional cleaning equipment is to use ultrasonic cleaning machine (note that the strap disassembled for cleaning, so as not to damage the internal parts of the vibration).

6. in order to avoid cleaning, soap and water penetration into the leather, the whole process is best completed within 20 seconds, in addition to consumers can also apply some leather oil on the leather strap, leather oil on the strap to protect the effect, can make the maintenance work more complete.

clean watch strap

Strap Care Tips

1. The most attractive part of the belt is the fit, comfort, elegance and elegance; but maintenance is not easy and is a major problem! Consumers are recommended to wear the belt in winter or air-conditioned room temperature occasions and then wear the wristwatch, summer, sports and easy to sweat at the same time try to avoid wearing, if you really want to wear also please dry the sweat stains first, so that you can extend the use of the belt period.

2. No matter what kind of leather is worn for a long time, it will produce odor, so regular cleaning and keeping it dry is the best way to maintain the belt; if the belt is wet, please use a fine cloth to wipe it dry quickly, and if there is dust, please clean it with a wet cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth. In addition, if the sun shines for a long time. It will also make the belt deteriorate or deform, which is also a matter that consumers need to pay attention to.

3. Belt watches should not be worn all the time, if consumers have two or more watches can be worn instead of the best, not only can reduce the risk of human damage, reduce the wear and tear of the wearing process and excessive use, more let the belt moderate rest and breathing, give it a good environment ventilation, can also extend the life of the belt.

4. Wearing a watch with a belt for a long time not only creates an odor, but also leads to hardening and cracking. Sweat is the culprit of erosion of the leather, making the belt deformation, hardening and even fracture, resulting in the watch often inexplicably lost or fallen is also common; leather life is short, so the maintenance steps are particularly important.

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