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How Should I Take Care of My Tungsten Watch?

30 Sep 2021

About Tungsten Steel Material

Tungsten steel has been one of the main materials of watch straps that have been gaining attention in recent years. It is commonly used in space technology within shuttles, and nowadays it is turned to civilian use, and is another widely sought-after high-tech product after space ceramics.

As a kind of cemented carbide, tungsten steel has excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, high strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially high hardness and wear resistance, which can remain largely unchanged even at 500℃.

Unlike general metal materials, tungsten steel is the hardest steel in the world, with a hardness of up to 14(HR), close to natural diamonds. And its not easy to wear, brightness light like a mirror, and never fade ...... various advantages for consumers to pursue.

However, the high hardness of the material at the same time, inevitably reveals a more brittle problem.

In case of overload impact, of course, the brittle quality refers not to the fragility of simply falling on the ground and breaking into pieces, but to the fact that if subjected to a large impact, tungsten steel straps will be more likely to produce fractures.

Of course, in view of the weakness of tungsten, watch designers have taken a different approach by combining stainless steel with tungsten to protect the tungsten from easy damage and to keep the strap shiny at all times, so that the luxury is not obvious.

About Tungsten Watches

The Rado Original Diver 300m deep dive watch emphasizes the characteristic of not easy to wear and tear! A legendary chapter in the watchmaking industry!

RADO launches the Original Diver 300m, a new and more innovative and dynamic watch that retains its hard-wearing qualities while adding fashion and technology, proudly proclaiming a true classic that will last forever!

The Manchu Tungsten Men's uses a high-grade Swiss movement and artificial blue jeweled transparent crystal glass and wear-resistant tungsten steel case as materials, although the moment of wearing it is a bit frozen, but it is always a high-grade watch to adapt to the fashionable men and women of the time.

How to Maintain Tungsten Watches


It is best to wind your mechanical watch at the same time every day. This is very good for the mechanism inside. If you want to establish a routine, it is advisable to wind your watch every morning after waking up.

Do not set the day and date indexes at night. It is also advisable not to wear a semi-automatic watch when you are playing sports with a continuous swing of the arm, as the frequent swinging of the arm back and forth can damage the movement of the watch.

If you wear a semi-automatic watch every day, the best way to protect it is to wind it up every two weeks to ensure that its gears run smoothly. Turn the crown gently until you can feel the slightest sensation of difference.

If you do not wear your semi-automatic watch every day, it is necessary to wind it regularly to ensure that the inner mechanism works correctly.

Other Tips:

1. It is best to keep a desiccant in the place where you put your watch, but please keep it away from chemicals such as mothballs and insect repellents.

2. Since the raw material is not easily discolored and does not oxidize, it is also easy to maintain. Place the tungsten watchband in your hand, add some neutral detergent and water, and rub it gently in your palm. After rinsing, dry it with a soft cotton cloth or paper towel to regain its cool metallic luster, but of course, the most reliable method is to go to an authorized after-sales point for regular and reliable maintenance.

3. Before playing sports such as ball games, you should take off your watch. High hardness materials such as tungsten steel, its bending strength and impact toughness is weaker than stainless steel. Therefore, knocking, hitting or falling on hard ground should be avoided.

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