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Does Your Watch Need a Screen Film Cover?

5 Aug 2021

There has been a long-standing controversy about whether or not to stick the watch on the watch. Some watch wearers will be extra cautious when wearing a new watch, for fear of accidentally leaving scratches. Choosing a film is an effective way to avoid accidental scratches, but there are also Many table friends questioned this. There is nothing wrong with caring for the watch. Everyone wants their watch to be as bright as new, so is it necessary to put a film on it?

Need Film Cover

Watches are undoubtedly more popular with new appearances as accessories. watch wearers who support the film believe that this will help avoid scratches left by daily use and extend the life of the watch. If there is a plan to change the watch in the future, a good-quality watch will have a higher price in the secondary market. Not only that, the film can also play a strong psychological suggestion function, so that the wearer is no longer overly restrained, and can swing his arms with confidence and boldly to show off his favorite watch. Because of this, there are so many cousins who are in favor of filming, and they expressed their views:

watch damage

Watch wearer A: "I can only stick watch face. Thousands of mobile phones will be covered with film and cover, and tens of thousands of watches are normal."

Watch wearer B: "I put the film on, and it feels good. At least the watch is not used. The watch is for wearing, and the film is for wearing it even more carelessly."

Watch wearer C: "For example, the Rolex watch buckle is horribly worn in a few days. Putting a back film on and wearing the watch buckle is brand new. Why not stick a film? And my personal experience, my own Not long after a watch was worn, the triangle scale on the ceramic ring did not know that it was scraped off by something. It was extremely ugly. At this time, if there is a layer of film on the bezel, it will not be worn like this. The watch, because both sides of the watch have polished surfaces, it’s all covered with scratches after wearing for a few months. The key is not to know how to draw two deep grooves that are difficult to repair by polishing. It won't."

Do Not Need Film Cover

Those who oppose the view believe that the film will affect the transparency of the watch mirror and the overall metallic texture, thereby reducing the aesthetics of the watch. The Mohs hardness of the film is much lower than that of sapphire crystals and stainless steel. The surface of the film is more likely to leave scratches, and the thin film cannot withstand severe external impacts such as bumps. It must be replaced after wearing it for a certain period of time. Compared with digital product film, watch film is expensive, and regular replacement is also a big expense. Therefore, these table friends also expressed completely different views:

great watch

Watch wearer D: “Filming on the watch is like buying new clothes without taking off the label, making people mistakenly think that your clothes are rented. Scratches are all traces of time. Change your watch strap when it is badly worn.”

Watch wearer E: "I can still understand how to wear a protective case with a mobile phone film, drop resistance and personality! High-end watches pay attention to texture or eyeball... Put a plastic film on your hand... Even if you wear a very expensive watch... I also feel that there is a strong plastic reflection and violation, and I will not feel the nobleness and taste of the watch owner at all!"

Watch wearer F: "In fact, the most precious thing about a watch is the scratches on his body. This is the best proof that he has accompanied you through the years. When your years are passing, he is with you ready to go, and when you are full of spirits, He accompanies you to fight in the north and south, and every scratch of his is a record of your growth. In the end, you will have an inexplicable bond with him, just like an old friend, deep and quiet, but without losing loyalty. This is probably That's the charm of the watch."

There is nothing wrong with taking care of the things you love, hoping that it will remain glamorous forever. Everyone has their own choice as to whether to put a film on the watch. What is your opinion on this?

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