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Does Breitling Bentley Green Become out of Print?

26 Aug 2021

At the beginning of August, the Swiss watch brand Breitling and the British luxury car brand Bentley announced the end of their nineteen-year partnership, which can be said to have ended without warning, making the series of special edition timepieces inspired by racing green launched by Breitling for Bentley in the past two years an end to the partnership.

The History of the Partnership Between Breitling & Bentley

In fact, since 2002, when Breitling and Bentley started the cooperation because of the first Continental GT, various discussions have been ongoing. Just like the elimination of Breitling's wing logo, there are thousands of people with different views, some like it, some don't think it's appropriate, but the two did use mother-of-pearl with tourbillon as a clock device on the car, which wowed the automotive and watch industry.

And compared to some early years hand in hand can not bring the flow of car watch cooperation, Bentley and Breitling cooperation, this has been the existence of the sound of discussion, can make people mention Bentley will think of Breitling, mention Breitling will think of Bentley, is undoubtedly quite successful.

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About Breitling Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green

Back to the topic, this special Bentley model launched with the renewal of the mechanical chronograph series last year, first of all the new Breitling mechanical chronograph compared to the large size of the old model, the diameter has been reduced to 42 mm, more suitable for daily wear, but because of the chronograph function, the thickness of the watch is still there, 15.1 mm thick. This watch is more simple and refined in its new design than the old model, thus removing some of the complicated texture. Breitling's signature rotating bezel with bezel indicator serves to protect the crystal glass. On the dial, there are small seconds discs at 3, 6 and 9, 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative counters respectively, and a calendar display in the 12-hour disc at 6 o'clock.

The reason why Breitling chose to use British Racing Green on the dial of the Bentley Special Edition is that green watch is not only a hot model in the world of watches, but it is also one of the most iconic colors in the automotive world, dating back more than 110 years to motor racing, and it is also the color most often used by Bentley, and Breitling pays tribute to its Breitling pays tribute to its partner.

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The watch is also back-transparent, with the Bentley "BENTLEY" engraved on the transparent sapphire caseback. It is equipped with a Breitling Manufacture caliber 01, chronometer-certified by the COSC, which guarantees precision, a power reserve of 70 hours and water resistance to 200 meters. It comes with a recognizable one-piece roller-beaded steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp, also known to watch enthusiasts as a bullet bracelet, which is very comfortable and fits the wrist.

Frankly speaking, the mechanical chronograph is one of the few sports watches that has all three attributes: land, sea and air, as a professional sports watch, historically based on a flying watch design, but also favored by racing teams for its tachymeter function, and also has a diving chronograph scale, which itself is water resistant, which makes the watch, land, sea and air versatile, and redesigned watches, in terms of appearance alone The redesigned watch is both sporty and casual, adding to its versatility.

As for the end of the partnership, Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, said in an interview that both Breitling and Bentley were proud of what they had written and created together over the past 19 years, but now they had to go on their own journey, and he was convinced that Bentley would continue to ride the road to success in the automotive industry. -The Bentley Tourbillon will be the perfect conclusion to the partnership.

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