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Why is the time of the automatic watch getting slower and slower?

6 Apr 2021

Due to the structural problems of the automatic watch, due to the gravity of the earth, the deviation of the horizontal position and the vertical position will produce a position difference, the spring will be unbalanced from tightening to loosening, and being affected by external temperature, magnetic field, vibration, etc. Even if the frequency of an automatic watch is increased some more, it is impossible to achieve the accuracy of a quartz electronic watch. There is actually no watch that always keeps every minute and second. Both automatic and stone watches have an error range, and this range varies from country to region. Generally speaking, automatic watches only need to be fully wound. Down, the walking time is not more than 30 seconds slow every day, and the speed is not more than 30 seconds basically in line with the standard.

1. Common causes of slow movement of automatic watches:

1. Insufficient kinetic energy: automatic watches are divided into manual winding and automatic winding. Lack of power is often an important reason that causes the watch to go slow or even stop. Manually-winding automatic watches can solve the problem by winding, while self-winding watches are mostly due to insufficient wearing time (less than 8-10 hours a day) or people with low exercise volume. In general, friends in the office or the elderly often have insufficient power of the automatic watch and cause the watch to run slowly.


2. Shocked: No matter what brand watch, you can't hit it hard, even if some watches have good shock resistance. When playing golf, tennis, boxing and other sports, you should also take off the watch and don't shake it too hard; when the watch is hit, some parts inside may become loose, causing the watch to slow down or not to walk. Due to the complex structure of the automatic watch and the close connection between various parts, it is more prone to failure when it is hit.


3. Lack of maintenance: Automatic watches need regular maintenance, usually every 2-3 years. If the watch is not maintained regularly, the sludge in the watch movement will accumulate too much and dry out, which will gradually increase the friction between the gear trains. If you encounter these failures of the stepping motor and the gear train, you should clean it, remove the foreign matter, and refuel it. Some parts in the watch core are damaged and need to be replaced. The lack of maintenance of the watch will not only accelerate the wear and tear of parts, but also cause the watch to slow down and bring inconvenience to our use.


4. Wheel train failure: This situation is mostly related to the watch maintenance mentioned in the third point. In most cases, there is dust and foreign matter between the gear teeth, which makes the gear train teeth jam each other. There are also parts of the table with too much or very little oil. Too much oil causes adhesion between the wheels, and between the wheels and the splints. Too little oil will cause too much resistance to the rotating gear train, which will cause the watch to run badly. If you encounter these failures of the stepping motor and the gear train, you should clean it, remove the foreign matter, and refuel it.


5. Watches are magnetized: Watches are magnetized is one of the common reasons why watches are slow. Even anti-magnetic watches, even anti-magnetic watches, can't be placed next to some electrical appliances, because some of their parts are not anti-magnetic, and they will still be over time. Is magnetized. If the watch is magnetized, it needs to go to a professional watch repair organization for demagnetization.


2. How to prevent the watch from walking slowly:

To prevent the watch from slowing down, we mainly take corresponding measures based on the reason for the watch's slowing down. Pay attention to the winding of mechanical watches, and ensure the duration and amount of exercise for automatic watches every day. The watch should be maintained as required, and repair and maintenance should be performed when the watch is running slowly. Of course, there are also issues such as fast and slow clip that affect the time of the watch. In this case, attention should be paid to the anti-vibration of the watch, and the time failure should be repaired in time.

3. How to repair the watch when it goes slow:

In the case of insufficient kinetic energy, we have to solve the problem of energy supply. The automatic watch should ensure sufficient winding, and the fast and slow clamps should be adjusted in time if there is a failure. If the watch slows down after being violently shaken, it must be inspected and repaired by a professional watch repair organization to adjust the misplaced parts and replace the damaged parts. If the watch is slow due to lack of maintenance, it must be maintained in time. The problem of slow watch movement cannot be underestimated. Not only will it not be able to provide us with accurate time indications, it will often cause great wear and tear on the parts in the watch movement if it is allowed to go slowly.


All in all, whether it is an automatic watch or a quartz watch, there are times when it slows down. When the automatic watch is unsatisfied with the winding, we can solve it by winding it. The watch running time failure caused by other reasons must be brought to the repair center for adjustment.

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