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What is the difference between a quartz watch and an automatic watch?

12 Apr 2021

In today's society, watches have become "inseparable" partners of many people, no matter from a practical point of view or a fashion point of view. With the improvement of living standards, more people also start to like to wear watches. Some friends who don’t know much about watches don’t know whether a quartz watch is better or an automatic watch when they get the watch for the first time.

What is a quartz watch:

Quartz watch is one of the watch types, English is quartz watch. The use of quartz crystals in watches is a modern invention. Under certain conditions, it will transmit its own frequency to the circuit. If this characteristic is applied to the quartz movement, the electric energy can be converted into motion through the quartz oscillator. The mechanized equipment can be used to mass-produce circuit boards, and then be equipped with With resistors and capacitors, the movement can be completed, and then the case, glass and strap are installed, and a quartz watch is roughly assembled.

How the quartz watch works

Quartz watches need a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs electrical energy to the electronic block and motor in the watch. The electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor every second, and the motor pushes the hands of the watch to run. Because the quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy. Features of quartz watches

1. The time and second hand of the British watch jumps one frame at a time, and the time is very accurate.

2. The movement adopts integrated circuits, the structure is much simpler than that of the mechanical watch movement, and the assembly is very simple.

3. Easy to use, no need to wind up, a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. However, some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life and can be used for about 7-8 years.

4. The price of the watch is relatively cheaper than that of the mechanical watch.

What is an automatic watch

Automatic watches can generally be divided into manual winding and automatic winding watches. The power source of these two machines is driven by the mainspring in the movement, which drives the gears and then pushes the hands, but the way of power source is different.

Manually wind the automatic watch:

Manually-wound automatic watches rely on manually twisting the mainspring for power. The thickness of the movement is thinner than that of ordinary self-winding watches, and the weight of the watch is relatively light.

Automatic watch with automatic winding:

The automatic winding watch uses the movement's automatic rotating disc to swing left and right to generate power to drive the mainspring, but the thickness of the manual winding watch is relatively smaller than that of the automatic winding watch.

How the automatic watch works

The clockwork is a part that provides energy to the watch, and is coiled in a barrel. In fact, the clockwork is a spiral. When we turn the head to wind the watch, the spiral is also tightened. When the spiral is loosened, it starts to drive the movement of the watch core.

Features of automatic watch

1. The automatic watch relies on the winding mainspring of the watch movement to provide power and does not require a battery.

2. The automatic watch running time is different from the quartz watch in that the second hand of the automatic watch runs continuously and uninterruptedly.

3. The movement of the automatic watch is complicated, and the time error depends on each brand.

4. Exquisite craftsmanship, easy to use, can walk for more than 36 hours on foot. The movement has a long life.

5. The appearance is heavier than quartz watches. Some brands are also very thin, but they are generally manual and automatic watches.

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