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The reason and solution of automatic watch stop

6 Apr 2021

Sneak stop of the watch means that the watch stops running when the power is sufficient, or it stops after a while and then starts to move on its own. For example, there is no problem with the watch for a whole day, and I put it there when I go to bed at night. I wake up and look at it the next morning. After a few minutes or a few hours, I don’t even leave at all. This is the typical phenomenon of watch stealth stop.


The reason and solution of automatic watch stop


1. Watches stop:

Anyone who knows a little about automatic watches knows that automatic watches completely rely on the swing of their arms to complete the winding. Therefore, once the watch is left for too long or the daily arm activity does not meet the winding requirements of the watch, the watch will cause the clockwork to be wound and the potential energy is insufficient, which will cause the watch to be unstable or stop when it is not worn at night. . If this happens, we can manually do the arc movement before placing the watch. Or use the manual winding function to wind the watch. In this way, the watch has enough kinetic energy storage to keep the watch running until the next day.


2. Watch bumping:

Because the watch is exposed most of the time during the wearing process, it is easy to bump other hard objects when walking and doing things. , If you accidentally knock or drop the watch in daily use, or hit the watch hard, it may cause the movement gear and other parts in the watch to loosen, misplace, etc., which will also cause the automatic watch to stop unexpectedly. Case. When this happens, we need to go to the watch repair shop for inspection. Try to avoid collisions and strenuous exercise when you wear it daily.


3. Hairspring problem:

The hairspring failure is also one of the reasons that cause the automatic watch to stop unexpectedly when it is running normally. We mentioned earlier that some people stop the watch because of insufficient activity, and if the activity is too large, it will cause the winding mechanism to malfunction for a long time due to the tightening of the clockwork. It will also cause insufficient power. Generally, this kind of stop-and-go will happen around 9 o'clock in the evening to 12 o'clock in the evening. At this time, the hour hand cycle of the watch with calendar function drives the calendar wheel. Directly lead to insufficient power and the calendar jams and stops.


In addition, there are other situations such as watch magnetism, excessive sludge, etc., which will also cause the automatic watch to stop. If you find that the watch stops during the normal wearing process, you should take immediate measures to troubleshoot the watch as soon as possible. If it involves faulty parts such as automatic watch movements, you need to send the watch to a professional watch repair center for inspection and repair.

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