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How to use the automatic watch and matters needing attention

8 Apr 2021

1. How to adjust the calendar and time correctly?

Answer: 1. For example, today is the 23rd, you first pull out the crown (handle head) by 1 click to adjust the calendar position, turn the crown (handle head) upwards to adjust the calendar to 22nd.

2. Pull the crown to the second position to adjust the time, turn down the crown (handle head) to adjust the time by 1 or 2 laps, let the calendar automatically jump to 23rd, and then adjust the current time. If you adjust the time in the afternoon, you need to turn the time circle over from 12 o'clock to the afternoon!

If you require the time to be quite precise, first move the second hand to the 12 o'clock position and pull out the crown by 2 divisions to adjust the time position. At this time, the second hand is still, turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the position of the hour hand and minute. When the hands are consistent with standard time (in Baidu: Beijing time), push the crown back to its original position!

2. How to wind a mechanical watch?

Answer: After you receive the watch, after adjusting the time and calendar, you need to wind it manually for about 30 laps. Winding method: the initial position of the crown (handle head) is directly screwed up! If you have enough power for about 10 hours a day, you don’t need to wind it. If you don’t bring it for two days, the watch will stop and you need to wind it manually! The purpose of winding is to enhance the power of the watch and make the watch time more accurate.

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3. Operation and use matters that must be paid attention to!

1. Please do not adjust the calendar between 9 pm and 3 am, because this time period is automatically brewed and jumped, and human intervention will damage the movement! If you are not sure whether it is this time, please adjust the time to 5-7 o'clock first, and then adjust the calendar!

2. When adjusting the calendar or time, if you feel that your head is slippery or idling, please press the crown (to the head) to the end, and try to adjust to the best position several times. When adjusting the time, don’t feel the slippage is still there. Screw it, it will ruin it!


2.1. When adjusting the time and date, be sure to rotate the crown to make the hands and date dial turn clockwise, not counterclockwise, so as to avoid damage to the movement.

2.2. What should I do if I accidentally adjust the time or date of the watch? I think many of my friends have encountered this situation! At this time, continue to adjust forward until the cycle reaches the correct position, and don't think about the trouble-free retrograde adjustment. Even if it is to cycle forward for 30 days, be sure not to adjust in the opposite direction. After adjustment, remember to press the crown back tightly.

3. To prevent accidents, try to adjust the pointer clockwise!

4. Avoid putting the watch on top of amplifiers, computers, and TVs to prevent magnetism!

Watches are magnetized: There is a component in the movement of a mechanical watch called a hairspring. The most fearful thing is the magnetic field. The hairspring will be magnetized when the watch is close to the magnet. After the balance spring is magnetized, the balance springs will be glued, which can affect the accuracy of the image watch, and it will stop. After the balance spring of the watch is magnetized, the watch master should be demagnetized with a degaussing instrument before the watch can return to normal.

5. Watches that are not worn for a long time can be wound on a regular basis every month! To ensure the running performance of the movement!

6. Do not wear a watch to take a hot bath or hot spring to prevent water vapor from entering the watch!

7. Add lubricating oil

Mechanical watches rely on gear transmission, and bearings need lubricating oil to reduce damage caused by friction. Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil evaporates with use and temperature changes, and is nearly exhausted. It is already late to repair until something goes wrong. The cost of repair at this time is much higher than the cost of daily maintenance, so regular maintenance is required for the mechanical watch every 3-4 years. On the one hand, the movement must be specially cleaned. On the other hand, in order to ensure the normal operation of the parts in the movement, it is also necessary to put special lubricating oil in the jewel bearings and other places. In addition, the wearer should not open the back cover of the watch casually to prevent dust from entering the movement.

8. Avoid hitting or hitting.

The movement of a mechanical watch is very precise. If it is hit or beaten, it may cause internal parts to loosen and damage, and it may also cause time problems. In addition to the above common situations, the influence of some environmental temperature and the influence of the wearer's usage habits may cause the increase of travel time error. But you don’t need to worry about it. Please send the watch to the designated repair point for professional inspection and adjustment to restore the watch to the normal error range.

9. Use of mechanical watches with timing function

For watches with chronograph function, do not use the chronograph function frequently. After turning on the chronograph function, you must first press the stop button and then press the reset button. If the large second hand cannot be aligned at 12 o'clock after using the chronograph function, you can wind it for 20 laps. , When using the timing function, press the stop button or the reset button, and the second hand can be adjusted.

Maintenance strategy

The watches we know are generally divided into mechanical watches, quartz watches and electronic watches, but the dominant ones are generally mechanical watches and quartz watches. Good maintenance and maintenance can not only extend your love of watches

Longevity can also bring you a better wearing experience. Below we give a brief introduction to the daily maintenance of mechanical movement and quartz movement watches. Some points of attention are figured out, no matter what you are.

If you don’t understand, you might as well have a look. Welcome to contact customers and we will discuss together.

Maintenance strategy for mechanical watches:

1. Wipe off sweat in time to prevent corrosion

When wearing a watch, pay attention that sweat will cause a certain degree of corrosion to the case. If you are active or prone to sweating, you should always wipe off the sweat with a soft cloth to prevent it from being corroded by sweat.

Cause damage to the love watch. Of course, many mechanical watches are made of new materials such as stainless steel, ceramics, and forged carbon fiber, so you don’t have to worry about the erosion of sweat.

2. Can not open the cover without opening the cover

The back cover of the watch cannot be opened arbitrarily to prevent dust from entering the inside of the movement, thereby affecting the normal operation of the watch. Watches that have been opened are prone to problems, such as reduced waterproof performance, so try not to open the cover if you can.

3. Avoid strong shocks

Although today's watches generally have anti-vibration functions, it is still necessary to avoid sudden shocks. It is best to remove the watch during casual exercise.

3. Avoid deterioration of oil

The watch should be placed in the watch box, not in the closet with mothballs, to avoid chemical reactions that cause the watch oil to deteriorate.

4. It needs to be chained regularly

Even if the watch has not been worn for a long time, the liquid should be wound regularly every month to prevent the parts from being in a static state for a long time to ensure the running performance of the watch.

5. Avoid places with strong magnetic fields

Don't put the watch in the stereo. Beside electronic products with strong magnetic fields such as TVs, avoid magnetization which may cause the watch to malfunction.

6. Simple handling method for mechanical watch damp

You can press dry cotton on the watch case and bake it under a 40-watt light bulb for five minutes. The moisture in the watch will basically be volatilized. Wait a period of time, repeat two to the last time, and it will be completely volatilized.

7. What should I do if the watch is accidentally scratched?

After the watch is accidentally scratched, you can first drop a few drops of water on the watch, and then squeeze a little toothpaste to rub it, so that the scratches can be removed and your watch will be refreshed.

8. Don't sleep with a watch

If it is a luminous watch, it will also bring adverse effects to the body. This is because the hands and dials of the watch with luminous function will be coated with luminous materials. Its main component is a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide. Radium is a strong radioactivity. Element, and the rays released by radium can excite zinc sulfide crystals to emit light, thus causing certain harm to the human body.

9. Prepare a few more watches for alternate use

It is best not to wear the same watch every day. If possible, prepare several different high-imitation watches for alternate use. This can not only enrich your personal image, but also avoid long-term wearing, which shortens the life of the watch.

10. Regular maintenance

For general mechanical watches, it is best to go to a repair center for maintenance on a regular basis, in order to make your favorite watch last longer.

Maintenance strategy for quartz movement watches:

1. Avoid strong shocks

Although today's watches generally have anti-vibration functions, it is still necessary to avoid sudden shocks. It is best to remove the watch during casual exercise.

2. Keep away from magnetic objects

Although the micro-metal products of watch parts have anti-magnetic devices, when they encounter magnetic objects, they can easily lead to inaccurate time. So don't put the watch in the stereo. TVs with strong magnetic fields

Next to the child product.

3. Avoid contact of the watch with solvent solutions

Do not allow the watch to come into contact with solvents such as mercury, cosmetic sprays, detergents, adhesives, paint, washing powder, etc., otherwise it will cause corrosion, discoloration, and deterioration of the case and strap.

4. Stay away from camphor substances

Because camphor has the function of decomposing grease, it is easy to cause the grease of the watch mechanism to be decomposed, thereby causing the watch to malfunction.

5. Do not open the bottom cover often

It is necessary to prevent the floating of moisture and dust in the air from entering the machine parts and causing malfunctions.

6. Keep away from water and steam

Watches generally have a waterproof device, but the waterproof accessories may still slack over time, causing the parts to become wet and rusty. Therefore, remember to take off the watch when you wash or take a shower in the morning.

7. Watch collection method

Do not put the watch in a pocket or leather bag to prevent small cloth scraps and dust from entering the watch, or the volatile oil or water from perfume and cosmetics may cause corrosion and oxidation of the watch parts. long Keep the watch in a cool and dry box when you are not wearing it.

8. Take off your watch when you go to bed

The fiber and cotton of the quilt, as well as the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the quilt, can easily cause damage to the watch.

9. Avoid rapid temperature changes

The case of a watch is generally made of a variety of different materials, and rapid temperature changes can easily affect the coordination of various parts and thus affect the waterproof performance of the watch.

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