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How to deal with water in the watch or mist in the watch?

8 Apr 2021

Under normal circumstances, although automatic watches are airtight, automatic watches are composed of many parts, and there will be very fine gaps at the joints of each part. If the automatic watch is used for a long time, the gap will increase. If you don’t use it just right, or when you go back to the south, rain, or wear a watch to wash your hands, wash clothes, etc., water or steam will enter through these tiny gaps. At room temperature, it will not show up, and the temperature will suddenly become cold. , The water vapor in the automatic watch will condense into water droplets attached to the mirror surface.

1. Bake

We all know that the crown is used for timing and winding, but don't forget that it is also an important source of water in automatic watches. Whenever the watch is adjusted, the crown must be pulled out, there will be a certain gap. At this time, we also use this gap to remove the water vapor from the automatic watch. Pull the crown to the first or second gear, wrap it in a paper towel or cloth with strong water absorption, and then use a 40w incandescent bulb (which can generate heat anyway), or under the strong sun, and observe while baking it, about half of it You can get rid of the fog in just a few hours.

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2. Absorb water and dry

Most of the sealed packages we buy have a small bag marked "Do Not Use". In fact, it is a desiccant, which can maintain the drying effect for a certain period of time for the sealed package. It is also feasible to use this method to defog automatic watches.

First prepare a package of desiccant (the more desiccant, the better, of course, some people say that lime is fine, I don’t recommend it, lime is not easy to handle) and an airtight container. Automatic watches also pull out the crown and dry it. The agent should be sealed in a container that has been prepared for waterproofing. The time is related to the amount of desiccant, the more it is, the shorter it is.

3. Open the lid

If conditions permit, you can open the back cover of the watch and blow it dry with a hair dryer. Take care to prevent dust.

The above methods can only be used for situations where the water in the watch is not too serious. If the above methods are useless, please contact after-sales treatment

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