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How to correctly open the strap of a Longines watch

17 Apr 2021

The origin of Longines can be traced back to 1832, when young businessman Auguste Agassi founded and started the watch business in Saint Limier, Switzerland. Later, his nephew Ernest Francion skillfully expanded his business into a large-scale watch company. He opened a watchmaking factory in Les Longines, Switzerland in 1866, and the company also named “LONGINES” in 1867. "The registration of the name begins the glorious history of LONGINES in the Swiss watch industry.

How to open the Longines watch band? Take the belt as an example

1. First, separate the buckle on both sides, so that you can open the butterfly buckle. It should be noted that you have to use a little force, otherwise it may not be able to open.

2. Next, start the steps of wearing a butterfly buckle. First, break the buckle on the top of the buckle.

3. After opening the buckle on the top of the buckle, you can see a small needle at the bottom of the buckle, which is used to jam the belt. Next, put the long-end strap through the buckle.

4. Then adjust the length of the strap according to the size of your wrist, and align it with the hole to be locked. Insert the small needle into the hole of the belt and lock it firmly until you hear a "click".

5. Finally, return the short side strap to its position first, press it tightly, and then you can hear a "click". Return the long side strap to its place, insert it into the strap loop, and then press the buckle tightly, the watch strap butterfly buckle will be buckled. How to open the Longines watchband? Take the stainless steel watchband as an example

The butterfly buckle of a stainless steel watchband is very simple to wear, which is very similar to the way of wearing and unfastening the butterfly buckle of a belt. If you want to put on the watch, buckle the strap in the middle and fasten it on both sides, and you are ready to wear it. If you want to separate, you must first separate the buckle with a little force to open the butterfly buckle. Because the two pieces of steel strap can be connected with the watch into a ring, it is very convenient to bring and take it off.

Precautions when using Longines watchbands

1. It is absolutely necessary not to twist the leather strap when it is hardened, and to change the strap in time.

2. It is recommended that consumers only wear belts in winter. They are prone to sweating in summer or after exercise. If they really want to wear them, they should wipe off their sweat before wearing them. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a leather strap in winter and a steel strap in summer.

3. There are many belt materials, no matter which material is worn for a long time, it will produce odor. Therefore, cleaning and keeping dry is the only way to maintain the belt. The steel strap does not need to be aware of this problem.

4. If the watch band gets wet, it should be wiped dry immediately with a cloth. If there is dust, it should also be wiped off with a cloth (if it is a damp cloth, it should be wiped dry after cleaning). In addition, if you are exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also cause the strap to deteriorate. This should also be noted. And the steel watchband needs to pay attention to the problem of being scratched, don't put it next to sharp objects.

5. Do not wear the strap watch from time to time because the leather needs to breathe. A ventilated environment can extend the service life of the strap. Wearing different watches (bands) can not only reduce the risk of human injury, but also give the strap a full rest. . Therefore, the leather strap and steel strap can be changed.

Daily cleaning of Longines watch straps

To clean the belt watch, you can wipe the belt with a moist soft cloth, and then dry it in a dark and ventilated place. Every 1-2 months, wipe the strap with a belt protector, and then wipe the surface with a leather conditioner, which can not only maintain the texture of the watch belt, but also improve the brightness.

When you encounter a situation where the Longines strap cannot be opened, do not use brute force, and follow the correct operation method to extend the use time of the strap.

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