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How does the automatic watch go faster and faster?

17 Apr 2021

I bought a new FIYTA photographer series automatic watch. I shook it a few more times last night, and it was one minute faster today. Is it broken? Or is it the same for automatic watches?

Normally, there are three possible reasons for the automatic watch to move faster and faster: one is shock, the other is magnetism, and the third is that the oil wire sticks together.

If the watch does not collide, it is estimated to be magnetized, and it needs to be demagnetized and adjusted as soon as possible. It is best to go to a professional watch repair center to check it and find out the cause of the watch moving fast.

It is impossible for any automatic watch to last for one second, and the general daily error is considered qualified within 30 seconds. Usually the new watch will go faster, and after the watch oil goes away, it will slowly return to normal. In addition, too intense exercise will also affect the normal operation of the automatic watch balance wheel, which will directly cause the watch to travel inaccurately.

There are many reasons for a mechanical watch's inaccuracy, high accuracy, long-term stability, and many reasons, such as aging, failure, and closely related to the quality of lubricating oil and the amount of lubricating oil. Secondly, be careful not to wear a mechanical watch in a place where the computer's magnetic field is large, to prevent the watch from being magnetized.

Common sense of automatic watch maintenance:

Automatic watches are driven by mechanical gears and clockwork to rotate. It is inevitable that friction will occur when rotating. Therefore, it is necessary to add oil and lubrication over time to reduce the wear rate of parts. Otherwise, wait until something goes wrong before sending it for repair, often the problem is already serious.

It is best to return the automatic watch to the manufacturer every year to check for improper use or water ingress. In particular, the local climate is hot and humid, sweat, rain, and dirty air accumulated over the years, causing chronic erosion of machinery. The frequency and extent of damage are much higher than those in Europe, America and Japan. Therefore, "regular inspections" are very important; then every three years A thorough cleaning and maintenance are required.

Usually the water resistance of 30 meters or 50 meters indicated on the watch refers to the data measured in the laboratory, and pure water is used. The waterproof requirements of the ordinary watch are also limited to wearing showers, washing hands, swimming, diving, and bathing. This can cause serious damage to the watch.

Although the automatic automatic watch does not contain a battery, it is very necessary to carry out some simple and easy maintenance in time. This is very helpful to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement condition.

The working principle of a self-winding watch is that the swing of the arm will drive the core to circle, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic winding. Every day you just move your arm, it will record the precise time for you.

If you wear an automatic watch every day, the best way to maintain it is to tighten the clockwork every two weeks to ensure that its gears run smoothly. Rotate the crown gently (it can also adjust the time and date) until you can feel a slight urgency.

If you don't wear an automatic watch every day, you should make sure to wind it at least once every two weeks to ensure the continuous operation of the watch, that is, to ensure the normal and accurate operation of the internal mechanical devices.

It is best to wind your mechanical watch at the same time every day. This approach is very beneficial to the internal mechanical devices. If you want to form a pattern, it is recommended that you wind up your love watch every morning after getting up.

Do not set the date and week index at night (if your watch has these functions). The mechanical device that controls the date and day of the week has gaps in activity at night. If you change the settings at this time, it will inevitably disrupt the original rules.

When you are doing sports activities with continuous arm swing (such as tennis, baseball, golf, etc.), it is also recommended that you do not wear an automatic watch, because continuous arm swing will damage the movement of the watch.

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