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How about the Mabuchi Motor used by the Jqueen watch winder?

8 May 2021
Mabuchi Motor is a Japanese manufacturing company headquartered in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. It is the world's largest manufacturer of small electric motors, producing more than 1.4 billion small DC motors each year. Currently, Mabuchi Motor has 24,286 employees in the product department, 755 employees in the administration department, 583 employees in the R&D department, and 219 employees in the sales department. Mabuchi Motor occupies 70% of the market share of motors for automobile rearview mirrors, door locks, and air-conditioning damper actuators. The sales volume of electric window regulator motors increased steadily. Wanbao DC motors and brushless motors include: electric drills, lawn mowers, vibrating mobile phones and video game controllers, vibrators, vacuum cleaners, toy cars and airplanes, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players, digital cameras, computer printers, electric fans, Electric shaver, washing machine, electric toothbrush and blow molding machine. At present, Mabuchi Motor has 10 factories producing small electric motors in Asia and 11 factories in Mexico. The stock code of Mabuchi Motor on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 6592, the CEO is Hiroo Ogoshi, and the chairman is Shinji Kamei. Mabuchi Motor’s revenue was 108.401 billion yen, operating income was 9.335 billion yen, net income was 10.519 billion yen, total assets were 227.253 billion yen, and total equity was 20.704 billion yen. Major shareholders of Mabuchi Motor include: Gaoshi Wanbao (7.2%), Wanbao International Scholarship Consortium (4.3%), Japan Trust Services Bank Co., Ltd. (Trust) (4.3%), Japan Master Trust Co., Ltd. (Trust) (3.9%) ), Long Wanbao (3.0%), Tamotsu Mabuchi (3.0%), Premiere Company (3.0%), Taka Company Limited (3.0%), TEXAS Company (2.7%) and the Bank of New York Agreement JASDEC (1.9%). Mabuchi Motor has 21 subsidiaries located in the United States, Mexico, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. JQUEEN watch winder uses Japanese upgraded mabuchi motor, control tiresome noise below 5 db, offers extremely quiet, stable running and long life. A literally noise-free winder that you can place it in your bedroom.
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