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Does an automatic mechanical watch need a watch winder?

2 Apr 2021

In fact, not only watch friends have doubts about this, watch practitioners or senior watch friends also have different opinions. Some recommend the use of a watch winder, and some believe that the watch winder will bring additional wear to the movement. The watch winder itself is a very small product. Most watch friends or practitioners do not know much about the watch winder, and even many shop assistants do not recommend customers to use the watch winder in order to avoid risks. misunderstanding. My point of view cannot be shared by others, you need to make a decision based on your actual usage.

Common concerns of watch friends:

1. Will it be over-winding if it keeps turning?

2. Will metal parts be magnetized?

3. The continuous operation of the movement parts brings additional wear and tear

The first two problems are not a problem as long as it is not a cheap and shoddy meter winder on the market. Basically, it can be anti-magnetic. According to the winding direction of the movement and the number of turns per day, it will not be over-winding. The third problem may indeed exist, but it cannot be quantified. No one has studied the difference in wear between regular and infrequent movements of the movement. This is a false proposition.

What problems will occur when mechanical watches are left for a long time?

1. Long-term storage causes the movement of lubricants to condense

2. Stop and re-wear the watch to be adjusted

Will the lubricating oil condense the movement bring more wear to the movement after it is wound again? No one has tested this, it cannot be quantified, and it is also a false proposition. A senior watch friend has suggested that if the watch is left for a long time, it needs to be manually wound once a month to avoid lubricating oil condensation. The second question is actually the pain point of using the watch winder. First, adjusting the time is a waste of time. Will frequent adjustment of the time increase the chance of damage to the movement? Or if you have a strong hand, you may accidentally pull the crown off.

Speaking of this, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom, should you use the meter winder or should combine your actual use. It is recommended to use in the following situations:

1. Complicated watches, such as annual calendar and perpetual calendar, need to be returned to the factory when adjusting the perpetual calendar

2. Replace with two watches or more

3. If a single watch has a power reserve of less than 50 hours, it will stop if it is not worn for 1-2 days on weekends.

For watches that are collected or worn infrequently, you can manually wind the watch once a month without using a watch winder. In addition, the watch needs to be maintained every 3-5 years. Note that when using the watch winder, the watch itself must operate normally before putting it in. It is best to have more than half of the kinetic energy, because the watch winder keeps the watch running, and the stopped watch may not be able to drive.

Okay, let's get into the promotion theme. First of all, we can't say that other people's homes are not good, so we can talk about the advantages compared with others. Jqueen watch winder has been developed and tested for many years. Antimagnetic and silent is a necessary foundation, and it has passed a number of inspections and tests; the material is solid metal box, the box is wrapped with leather, black walnut/solid wood panel, zinc alloy chrome plating The decorative ring is very textured; the design is small and easy to hold with one hand to adapt to more application scenarios; two AA batteries 1-3 gears theoretical standby time up to 1 year, 4 gears theoretical standby 9 months; 4 gears Position adjustment is suitable for most automatic mechanical watches; the key point is that it has an 18-month warranty.

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